RAVAGE GEAR T-Back Stringer Tank Top Official Gym Clothing


The Ravage Gear HARDCORE SERIES T-Back Stringer tops

The Ravage Gear HARDCORE SERIES T-Back Stringer top speaks for it self
Can be worn to the gym looking HARDCORE and to any music festival, our brand stands out Our logo STANDS OUT AND IS HARDCORE WE DARE TO BE DIFFERENT!

Both the R featured on the front, and Ravage Gear graphic printed on the back is what makes Our brand HARDCORE AND DIFFERENT

Use: Wear FIERCELY Our T-backs are designed for HARDCORE training,however can be worn Casually during summer to music festivals and to the beach by the RAVAGE HARDCORE LIFTERS! Our T-back is the BEST option When training upper body and cardio as you sweat, And our high quality fabrics and style provides the ultimate in breath-ability and moisture-Wicking.

Made from 100% cotton
High quality printing on the front and back
Perfect cut with aesthetic straps and lower taper for more comfortable fit
Available in 4 colors
Ravage Gear is not only designed for gym wear and lifters but also designed to be worn Casually

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